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The 'Front' seat

thefrontseatStratos Seating is doing that exactly with its second generation of attenuated, mine blast resistant, driver and crew seats.

“At Stratos we are continuing to develop products that will ensure the safety of our troops,” said Stratos defence advisor Gordon Lewis.

“We developed the second generation of seating when we saw that improvements could be made on the first generation (currently fitted to the ‘off the production line’ Australian Bushmasters).”

“When Defence became aware of the second generation seat, we were asked to fast track testing and production so they could be included in the recent upgrade to Australian Bushmasters in Afghanistan.”

The Generation 2 seat is an elegant and economical design that can be easily adapted to a wide range of vehicles. They are ideal for floor mounted applications which require effective blast mitigation with limited available vertical movement.

These models feature lateral support for the torso and safety wing for sideward travel. The integral skin moulded components are fire rated to FMVSS 302, providing reduced risk in the event of a cabin fire, and are easily pressure washable.

However Lewis believes that Stratos cannot let sleeping dogs lie and that is why the company is investing in its future with new seats for our troops.

“We are not resting on our laurels either and that is why we are now developing the third generation of seats that will be better than before,” Lewis added.

“We have a blank canvas to work with this time and we are going to be using the best technology available to get these products right.” “From what we have learnt from the first two generations and with slight tinkers here and there we are going to be able to produce a product that will be the safest yet.”

Another thing in Stratos’ favour is that, due to its commitment to ongoing research and development of military seating, when it comes time for Defence to look for a readymade and reliable product, they know that they have only got to pick up the phone and make a call.

“When you are praised by the minister to let you know that you have done a good job then you have to be proud of the product and the team who produced it and I can tell you that I am,” Lewis concluded.

“I am sure that many soldiers involved in roadside blasts will be grateful for the products we produce because that is our main priority.” “I am sure that there are many soldiers walking today thanks to a Stratos seat and that is the best result we can ask for.”

Author: David Jones

Source: ADM Defence Suppliers

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