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911 Suspension Seat

High-back Reclinable Suspension Seat with Integrated Seatbelt

The Stratos 911 is our ultimate 'high-back' reclinable suspension seat. The Stratos 911 features a full height backrest and our LTSS suspension system which dramatically reduces harmful vibration. Vibrations are further isolated by Sisiara® webbing and thick foam cushion. A precise reel-type recliner mechanism provides accurate backrest adjustment. The Stratos 911 is also available with fold-up adjustable armrests (optional).


  • Materials Handling

Key Features

  • Full height backrest.
  • Reclinable backrest.
  • Adjustable LTSS suspension system.
  • Retractable lap seatbelt.
  • Vibration reducing Sisiara® Webbing.
  • UV protected, marine grade vinyl trim.



Where To Buy

For a seat demo, please visit a
Stratos Dealer near you.


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