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Quality Guarantee

On the back of a significant amount of hard work from the Sydney team and a great deal of support from the CVG Australia Quality Team, CVG's Sydney branch (a.k.a Stratos manufacturing facility) successfully attained ISO9001:2008 in January 2013. This is a great accomplishment that was made possible through co-operative team work, positive attitudes and a great deal of deddication.

As a result of this success, CVG Australia (trading as KAB Seating Pty Ltd) can now proudly proclaim that each of the 7 branches in Australia are quality certified to ISO 9001:2008. View news story.

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Stratos Seating products have always been produced to the highest quality. Therefore, we offer a full 12month warranty on the complete seat including frame, components and accessories (excluding reasonable wear and tear).

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Stratos Seating recommends that seats be installed by competent and experienced personnel only. In some cases, the install may require certification by an approved engineer. Removing seats with side impact airbags from your vehicle may cause your vehicle to no longer comply with Australian Design Rules. Please check with your local authorities

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