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Occupational Health & Safety

CVG Australia is committed to the establishment of an accident free, safe and healthy workplace, safe working methods, and the provision of safe equipment. To reinforce this, we have applied for accreditation to AS4801.

We recognise that employee consulation and partifipation in our safety system is vital and improves decision-making about health and safety matters in the workplace. Therefore all of our employees have been actively involved in the formation and implimentation of our workplace safety policies and proceedures.

After a huge team effort involving each of our branch mangers, their support staff and most of all, our quality team, we are exceptionally close to attaining AS4801 accreditation. Our Australian head office location and 6 of our 7 branches have successfully passed the external audit phase which was conducted by SAI Global throughout December 2012 and January 2013.  

Our Sydney branch, which manufactures the Stratos range of products, is the only facility which still needs to complete this audit phase successfully. We expect SAI Global to conduct the final audit of this facility in the coming month and are highly confident that our Sydney facility will pass. Once this occurs, CVG Australia will be granted accreditation and supplied with a certificate to support this.

For more information about CVG Australia's Occupational Health and Safety, please feel free to view our:

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