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Motorhome Seats

Enjoy your time on the road and arrive in one piece. Motorhome drivers can travel great distances in their vehicles and the need for comfortable and supportive seating is paramount. Stratos has a range of seats and seat turntables for Motorhomes that can help.

Stratos Seating recommends that seats be installed by competent and experienced personnel only. In some cases, the install may require certification by an approved engineer. Removing seats with side impact airbags from your vehicle may cause your vehicle to no longer comply with Australian Design Rules. Please check with your local authorities


Stratos 3000 Compact - Orthopedically Designed Seat

The stylish Stratos 3000 Compact seat features a seat cushion which allows for easy vehicle entry and exit and an ultra comfortable integrated lumbar support. The Stratos 3000 series backrest provides optimal lateral support and its Sisiara energy absorbing base system reduces driver fatigue and ensures you have a comfortable journey. A seat for the true four wheel drive enthusiast. 



Stratos 3000 LS - Sports Seat with Extendable Front Seat Cushion

The Stratos 3000 LS was specifically designed with the sports driver in mind. The Stratos 3000 LS features an extendable base cushion for added thigh support which can relieve muscular tension. Energy absorbing mesh   reduces driver fatigue and increases comfort. The Stratos 3000 series backrest is ergonomically contoured to provide support for the lower back and a high degree of lateral support when cornering. 



Stratos 3000 LTSS - Light Truck Suspension Seat

The Stratos 3000 LTSS seat utilizes all of the Stratos 3000 Compact features with the addition of the new Stratos LTSS suspension system. Proven to considerably reduce vibration transmission to the occupant by up to 70%, the LTSS suspension system will provide both driver and passenger with increased comfort and support in even the toughest four wheel drive conditions.



Stratos 785 - Front and Rearward Facing Seat with Integrated Belt

The Stratos 785 is a strong, comfortable and durable seat designed for forward or rearward facing applications. The seat features a 3-point integrated seat belt, reclining backrest, child restraint anchor, and an ergonomic base cushion with energy absorbing mesh to reduce fatigue. The Stratos 785 can also incorporate a seat belt buckle with electric switch. This can be wired to an indicator inside the vehicle to enable the driver to see if the attendant is wearing their seat belt before departure.