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920RH Conversion Kit

Suspension Seat Conversion for Mitsubishi-Fuso Canter 7th Generation

Transform the ride quality of your Mitsubishi-Fus Canter by Integrating our Stratos LTSS suspension system into your original drivers seat with the Stratos 920RH seat conversion. This enables you to keep your seats original design and trim and is a lower cost solution to improve the ride quality of your truck. The Stratos 920RH is available in kit form which includes our Stratos LTSS mechanism and replacement base cushion or one of our stores can undertake the conversion process for you.

* Motor trimmer required to do seat conversion.

Key Features

  • Add suspension to your origional seat.
  • For Fuso Canter FE 2005+
  • For Fuso Canter FG 2009+
  • Minimises vibration by up to 75%.
  • Adjustable mechanical suspension.
  • Uses origional trim of the seat.



Where To Buy

For a seat demo, please visit a
Stratos Dealer
near you.


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