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BattleSafe Military Seats

No matter what the requirement, BattleSafe delivers!

The BattleSafe range, manufactured in Australia,  incorporates a wide variety of military seating solutions. The BattleSafe brand is very well known and highly regarded in defence applications, with many BattleSafe seats currently in active service overseas. We have supplied to prime contractors and defence forces on various projects including:

  • Bushranger (Bushmaster)
  • Bushmaster SUK Upgrade
  • Land 121 - Light
  • Perentie (Land Rover 6x6)
  • M113 APC Upgrade
  • HSEV
  • ANZAC Class Frigate ASMD Upgrade










Experienced designers work with you to meet all tender criteria.`

A combination of rigorous in house and external testing ensure that your seats are 'BattleSafe'.

BattleSafe seats are manufactured in Australia or manufacturing can be outsourced internationally.

Stratos works with you to ensure that products are supported over their life-cycle.

Innovative solutions to the most difficult design criteria

With over 20 years experience in the development of specialized seating for defence applications, Stratos is able to draw on that depth of experience to meet the requirements of the most rigid applications. Our products comply with military specifications (i.e. flame retardancy, corrosion protection) and can include unique features such as mine blast protection, sideward and rearward facing, wall and roof mounting, and closed cell foam.



Prototypes undergo a series of strict tests before production

Research has shown that the four main injuries sustained by vehicle occupants in the event of mine blast include; 1. brain and organ injuries (a result of blast wave-induced changes in atmospheric pressure), 2. injuries sustained from shrapnel and other objects put in motion, 3. injuries sustained by people being forcefully put in motion by the blast and 4. burns or inhalation of gases. Some of the safety features of the Stratos BattleSafe range include:

  • Wall or roof seat mounting (to minimise shocks transmitted to user from the vehicle structure)
  • Strong metal base plates and optional back plates(to prevent shrapnel penetration)
  • Sideward lateral support wings and 4-point seat harness(to minimise the head and neck injury)
  • Low burn integral skin moulded components(to reduce burn and smoke from seats on fire)
  • Optional footrest (to minimise shocks transmitted to user from the vehicle structure)

Quick turn around from prototype to production

Running to a deadline? Stratos' team of engineers and draftsmen work together with production workers to develop prototypes for you to trial at our manufacturing facillities in Australia. In house testing can be undertaken at our facility where pull tests and drop tests can be undertaken. Other testing such as sled testing can be conducted externally at facilities nearby. When a prototype is tested and ready for production, manufacturing can take place to work within your production schedule. Should production volumes exceed the capacity of our facillity, Stratos can outsource manufacturing with our or your strategic partners.