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Stratos branded products integrate modern technology with the skills of CVG Australia's talented personnel, to produce a range of seating products that ensure the highest degree of quality, comfort, support, and safety. Stratos Seating products balance advances in technology with practical application to deliver maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Research & Development

Parametric 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems and Finite Element Analysis are invaluable tools utilised in the research and development process of all the products encompassed withing the Stratos Seating brand. This allows us to engineer high strength - low weight seat frames with, reclining functions, integrated seat belts and fore and aft travel. We carry out frame durability and fatigue testing along with in-vehicle testing to gain valuable feedback on seating performance in all conditions. This information is then used to further refine and enhance Stratos branded products through the research and development process.

Design & Testing

Each and every Stratos Seating design goes through a series of rigorous tests and must meet Australia's rigid Design Rules. We utilise in-vehicle testing to ensure that each seat will perform in all driving conditions. Independent engineering reports are compiled by Automotive Consulting Services utilising equipment such as accelerometers and human-response vibration meters. Recent tests revealed that Stratos LTSS seat improved ride quality by 60-70% over the vehicles' original seat in normal driving conditions. You can be sure that your Stratos seat represents quality, comfort and safety through innovative design and testing.


Our modern manufacturing facility in Sydney's West is equipped with hi-tech equipment and precision tooling including robot welders and CNC drilling machines operated by skilled and experienced personnel to maximise efficiency and quality. Stratos multi-density moulded foam cushions are fitted around our strong and ergonomic seat frames which incorporate Sisiara webbing technology to give you the ultimate in support and comfort. We use a range of durable and stylish fabric, vinyl's and leather with quality stitching to hold up under the wear and tear of driving conditions and usage. The Stratos range of products are autographed with quality right throughout the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure that you get quality, comfort, support, safety and style every time.


Stratos Seating recommends that seats be installed by competent and experienced personnel only. In some cases, the install may require certification by an approved engineer. Removing seats with side impact airbags from your vehicle may cause your vehicle to no longer comply with Australian Design Rules. Please check with your local authorities

Did you know?

Did you know that the LTSS was designed and patented in Australia? The LTSS was developed to protect drivers of light trucks, light commercials and four wheel drives from harmful vibration caused by harsh road conditions and stiff truck suspension.

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