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933 BattleSafe Seat

Low-Profile Air Suspension Seat

The BattleSafe 933 proivdes the benefits of air suspension to cabins that have limited available vertical space for suspension movement. The total suspension stroke is 85mm which is no more than a static seat requires. Seat belt anchorages are mounted to the seat and comply with the standards set out for use in M1/N1 category vehicles (FMVSS 210). Mil-spec trim is fire rated to FMVSS 302 and has anit-fungal properties. The BattleSafe 933 also features pneumatic height and weight adjustment. This seat exhibits very little deflection under load. This makes this seat suitable for situations where the windscreen is in close proximity to the drivers head. Blast attenuation measures can also be added to the seat.


  • Defence               

Key Features

  • M1/N1 rating.
  • 3-point belt.
  • Low profile design.
  • Air suspension.
  • 85mm suspension stroke.
  • Mil-spec fabric.



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Trim Options

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