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770 BattleSafe Seat

Wall Mounted Flip-up Seat

The BattleSafe 770 seat was designed for wall mounted military applications. When not in use, the seat can be folded up and locks into place. The BattleSafe 770 has a low profile seat cushion to maximinse the space claim around the seating areas. It can be trimmed in a green or black mil-spec fabric and features a protective headrest. A 2-point or 4-point seatbelt can be mounted to the seat.


  • Defence               

Key Features

  • Wall mounted.
  • Lockable flip-up base.
  • Low profile cushion suitable for tight spaces.
  • Protective headrest.
  • Mil-spec fabric.





Available Options












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Trim Options

swatch-milspec-black  milspec-green